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Bulk Salt

Bulk Treated Salt

This patented liquid treatment helps prevent the frustrating clumps, lumps, and crust formations often experienced with salt. When compared to regular rock salt, the same de-icing effect is achieved using up to 30% less product. Spreading less product on the road means fewer chlorides in the environment. Sold by the Tonne.

Size/Weight: Tonne

Products are available between the months of October to March.

Please Call Our Office For Any Inquiries Regarding Bulk Salt Deliveries.​


Salt is treated with a liquid composed of calcium and magnesium. When blended or sprayed, treated salt becomes more powerful and effective than calcium/magnesium alone, which means you may use approximately 20 – 30% less product. Using less salt decreases environmental damage, corrosion to concrete, and limits harm to other surfaces. Treated salt is also faster acting than dry salt.

Bulk Sacks contain 1 cubic yard of Clearlane “R” Enhanced De-icer and offer less waste, labour and mess. Bulk Sacks are the most space saving, effective choice for your commercial property management.


  • Each available product varies in terms of melting capability, temperature rating, corrosion resistance and level of environmental friendliness
  • Delivery available upon request
  • All prices are subject to HST
  • Minimum tonnage may apply
  • All bulk products sold per metric tonne