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Bulk Salt

Bulk Sand & Salt Mix

Stop slipping! Make your property safer by spreading our sand and salt mix over frozen and snow-covered areas to increase traction. Sold by the Tonne.

Size/Weight: Tonne

Products are available between the months of October to March.

Please Call Our Office For Any Inquiries Regarding Bulk Salt Deliveries.​


A 90/10 mix of sand and salt used for traction on thick, icy surfaces or snow-covered roadways. Salt is mixed with sand to prevent freezing. Only a minimal amount of salt is needed to boost your traction and melting capabilities. Other ratios are available by request.


  • Each available product varies in terms of melting capability, temperature rating, corrosion resistance and level of environmental friendliness
  • Delivery available upon request
  • All prices are subject to HST
  • Minimum tonnage may apply
  • All bulk products sold per metric tonne