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Bulk Salt

Bulk Rock Salt

Salt melts snow and keeps ice from bonding to the pavement and allows snowploughs to remove accumulations quickly and efficiently. Sold by the Tonne.

Size/Weight: Tonne

Products are available between the months of October to March.

Please Call Our Office For Any Inquiries Regarding Bulk Salt Deliveries.​


Bulk Rock Salt is very coarse and broken into large granules for easy spreading on roads and other surfaces. It’s the most traditional form of snow and ice melting. Rock Salt is the principal de-icer because it’s the most readily available and cost-effective choice.

  • Each available product varies in terms of melting capability, temperature rating, corrosion resistance and level of environmental friendliness
  • Delivery available upon request
  • All prices are subject to HST
  • Minimum tonnage may apply
  • All bulk products sold per metric tonne