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What are the different types of Mulch to be used in the garden?

What are the different types of Mulch to be used in 
the garden?

Mulch is the most essential element of a healthy landscape or garden. It retains the moisture, controls the weed growth, maintains the soil temperature, and much more. Whether you add mulch to the garden for the first time or it is an annual routine, the success to get things right depends upon using the right mulch for your garden in the right way. There are different factors that influence the efficiency of the mulch. So, let us read more about mulch and figure out what can be best for your garden.

What is Mulch?

This process of mulching has been practiced for thousands of years. It protects and preserves the garden, landscapes, and flowerbeds. Loosely defined, mulch is the material to be placed on top of the soil that enriches and insulates it too, controls weed and provides an appealing base for the plants.

Types of Mulch

Mulch is broadly separated into two main categories-


This material is made out of organic materials that easily decompose over time and should be replenished on a regular basis. And as they break down, they improve fertility, aeration, and the drainage of the soil.


The mulch does not decompose easily and they do not contribute to the quality of the soil. They are mostly used to control the weeds and the gravel in them also act as a decorative piece for your landscape.

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