Cambridge Garden Centre

Yard Stock


“A” Gravel

Can be compacted as a base for under sheds, patios, walkways and driveways or added to mortar mixes as it is a blend of sand and gravel.


Used as last layer in interlocking paving stone applications as well as walkways and driveways or for when installing flagstone; compacts well.



Used as the last layer for interlock. Also, a ground levelling material or drainage stone. Typically placed behind retaining walls, under floors, in and around pipes or drain tile for sewer and water main applications.


3/4″ Clear

Used in the industry as a drainage stone in and around weeping tiles, footings, watermains, and under slab on grade concrete applications.


Concrete Sand

Used as the last layer for interlock. But, also has a multitude of uses, ranging from of course concrete, to bedding pipes and septic systems, used as a base material between a vapor barrier and a concrete slab, and traction sand for roads and sidewalks..


1″ Red Crushed Clay

This product will add a unique style to your flower bed or garden, and this distinctive orange/red offers a sharp colour contrast to a driveway, walkway, or path.


1″ Black Granite

The colour of this black granite stone will provide a beautiful ascent to your landscaping design.


3/8″ Pea Stone

Washed, clean, decorative gravel for drainage, inside window wells or garden paths; not recommended as a base product or for driveways.

Play Sand/Masonary Sand

Play Sand/Masonary Sand

Can be added to concrete mixes.
Can be used as play sand for horseshoe pits, sand boxes and under pools.


2-4″ Round Stone (River Rock) Washed

1-1.5” Round Stone (River Rock) Washed

Natural Stone

1-3″ Granite Coloured Round Stone (River Rock) Washed