Cambridge Garden Centre



Whether it’s top dressing for your lawn, soil for a new garden bed, or soil to freshen up an existing bed, there are various types of soils that work best for every corner of your yard. Feed your precious plants and lawn with the quality soil they deserve.

At Cambridge Garden Centre, we have a variety of high quality soils and growing media. From blended garden and lawn soils, to regular Screened and Unscreened Topsoil to help build your grade, they are all available at competitive pricing. We also carry rich Bark Fines, Black Loam, and Composted Leaf/Yard Waste to help condition and enhance your existing soil.

Garden Soil

Garden Soil

CGC Lawn Mix Soil 2

Lawn Mix Soil

Mineral Soil

Screened Topsoils (Mineral Soil)

Garden Soil

Unscreened Topsoils (Fill or Mineral Soil)


Compost (1/2″ screen leaf or yard waste)


Black Soil (1” Screen,Peat, Loam and or mineral Soil)