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Our Markets

Our MarketCanadian Grain Inc. exports to the following regions around the world with the support of a great supply networks from Canada, USA, Mexico and Argentina.

  • Europe
  • Middle East/N Africa
  • Indian Subcontinent
  • South-East Asia
  • South America

For information on other markets, please Contact Us. We will be glad to assist.

Quality Control

Contracts and Shipments are governed at origin by the Canadian Grain Commission processing guidelines and quality standards. We have implemented strict quality controls upon product delivery and processing of final products which are inspected and analyzed by internationally recognized independent surveyors.


All of our products are packed in new polypropylene bags of 25kg, 50kg or 100lb. Shipment in bulk containers with bulkhead is also available with option of poly liner if required.


Canadian Grain Inc’s supply chain is comprehensive in utilizing the infrastructure available. We work directly with farmers and reputable brokers for procuring product; assign deliveries of all our raw products into various processing plants in our regions. Each facility we choose to work with is experienced in receiving, cleaning to export standards and custom packaging for our customers. We have working relations with bulk transport companies, container transport companies and the Class 1 railways in our regions. For products that require transloading in Canada we have working relationships with reputable companies that are the best in their business in order to load containers with our bulk or bagged commodities and return them to port for vessel loading. We work directly with many world reknown shipping companies to receive the best available routes and transit times for container service.