We carry a variety of quality soils in bulk, pre-packaged bags, and fill-your-own.

In Bulk:


  • Triple Mix

-Composed of topsoil, peat loam, manure, and leaf compost, this soil is rich in nutrients and ideal for gardens


  • 50/50 Mix

-Composed of 50% soil and 50% leaf compost, it is great for top dressing lawns


  • Screened Topsoil

-Screened with a half inch screener to eliminate the presence of large rocks, this soil is great for filling and leveling off areas


    • Screened Leaf Compost


    • Unscreened Topsoil

    -Plain soil that has not been screened


    • Unscreened Peat Loam

    -This peat loam from bogs and ponds is ideal for retaining moisture


    • Unscreened Composted Manure

    -A natural fertilizer

    In Pre-Packaged Bags:

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