Quantity Calculator

In order to calculate how much GRAVEL or MULCH you need to cover the desired area, use the following formula:

1) Multiple the length of the area to be covered by the width (this gives you the square footage of the area)

2) Multiple the resulting figure by the decimal number that corresponds to your desired depth  of mulch/gravel (in inches)

3) Divide the resulting figure by 27 and this will give you the number of cubic yards you need

For example: If my area is 10 feet long by 20 feet wide, my square footage is 200.

If I want to lay the material 4 inches deep, multiply: 200 square feet X 0.33 (from the chart) = 66

66 divided by 27 is 2.44 cubic yards, therefore I would need approximately 2.5 cubic yards.

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